Engineering Consultants

 Bedeck International is renowned across Sri Lanka as an engineering consultant since 2010. Bedeck International leads the industry with its reputation & dependability. Our industrial solutions include an impressive & diverse portfolio of international brands such as ISOIL IMPIANTI Italy, PIUSI Italy, Fluidwell Netherlands, Hytek UK, PRO TECH - Progressive Technologies India, Accord Fuelling Services India, EXCEL Instruments India and UFLOW India. We work with few local partner companies to provide turnkey solutions.

At Bedeck International, we maintain high standards of Quality, Technology, Design and Sustainability to serve our customers better. We specialize in providing the total solutions for your needs.

Vastu Satellite Center was established in 2011 as we found there is a dire need of Vastu related problems of those who intend to buy lands for house making, getting the property selected, when buying built houses, intend going for Vastu evaluation of their homes and go for corrections if needed. We have the solutions. We deal with all these matters scientifically.


Our Principal Partners