FLUIDWELL F103 Data Logger
Electronic Devices
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The versatile F103 Flow Totalizer is the first F-Series with flow logging. The display shows simultaneous flow rate and total, as well as accumulated total, daily total, previous day total and 15 historical day totals. Its rugged construction, unique plug-and-play design and attractive pricing makes the F103 the perfect flow logger for liquid and gas flow measurement in Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas.


When you need to easily monitor your flow measurements and historical data events over time, the optional flow logging feature is the perfect tool for you. It replaces the basic 15 historical day totals with a logger that registers 1500 interval, 600 daily and 724 event records. The log interval can be user defined from every minute to daily. Events, such as cleared total, changed menu settings or factory reset can also be logged. Each log contains flow rate, total, acc. total, date and time stamp and log number. The log can be downloaded as .csv file with the free software tool.