Pumping equipment
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Due to the reclassification of diesel which is now classed as a flammable liquid under the CLP Regulations, the Hytek ALPHA DIESEL PUMP has been ATEX certified to dispense diesel & Hytek has been ATEX certified to build & test these pumps.


ALPHA pump with Integral Fuel Management System (FC10)

  • Uses virtually indestructible data tags instead of keys or cards.
  • Up to 65,000 different data tags on any one system.
  • Vehicle tag, odometer entry, odometer check & MPG calculation.
  • Optional driver code &/or pin code entry.
  • GPRS modem for remote access to fuel data.
  • User friendly web-based system software.
  • Flexible report writer enables a wide range of fuel usage analysis by vehicle, department, vehicle type, fuel type, time, date etc.
  • Includes CO2 output readings on reports.
  • Multiple site capability & data consolidation.
  • All features included as standard. No optional extras to purchase.
  • Installation and commissioning support available.
  • Mobile app now available. Monitor from your phone/tablet.
  • ALPHA pump 230V
  • Meter accuracy +/‑ 0.25%.
  • Larger, clear, backlit, easy to read LCD display.
  • Lifetime & period totalizers are displayed constantly.
  • Leave messages for specific drivers.
  • Large display digits for fuel being drawn.
  • Can be used with above or below ground tanks.
  • Stores full information on the last 2000 refueling operations.
  • Integral GPRS modem for downloading the information.
  • GPRS modem 
  • No trenches to dig, ducting or cables to install, fitted as standard: - Allows for remote diagnostics & support.
  • Provides wireless communication between pump & PC.
  • Global data sim card available.
  • Data tags
  • Guaranteed for life, if it fails, we will give you a new one free. The data tag is a short‑range proximity device. It’s a 100% sealed plastic unit that is durable & hard‑wearing. There are no moving parts, no teeth to break or slots & grooves to wear or block. It features:
  • No electrical contacts to cause connection problems.
  • No batteries to replace or re‑charge.
  • Robust & sealed, guaranteed for life.
  • The data tags can be programmed with customer information prior to delivery.
  • The data tags can be programmed with the following fixed information: Up to 65,000 tag numbers, 65,000 different site codes & 65,000 customer codes. 
  • They also carry variable information: - Fuel type allowed & date that the data tag was last used.
  • Last entered odometer reading.
  • Access method required to draw fuel, i.e., does this tag require an odometer reading or not.