HYTEK Overfill Alarms
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Overfill alarms warn the user if the tank has been, or is in danger of being, filled beyond its capacity. This prevents overflow of chemicals which can be, at best, wasteful and, at worst, harmful to your employees, your equipment, and the environment. The cost of chemical overflow and spillage in terms of clean-up, repair and potentially fines can be significant, so tank overfill alarms are an essential piece of equipment.

Tank low level alarms warn you if the tank is nearly empty, ensuring that you are able to refill it in good time and avoiding a situation where vital machinery stops running.


Bund alarms alert you if fluid has entered the bund tank, which could suggest that there is damage to either the interior or exterior wall of the bund tank, an issue which must be quickly remedied.

Whatever your requirements, Hytek has an alarm that suits. We provide alarms that detects just one of the above scenarios on a single tank, or a device that can provide alarms for all three scenarios, and even alarms that can detect inputs from up to three different tanks.


Hytek provides options for both battery and mains powered alarms, and we also stock a wide range of compact tank alarms perfect for use in confined spaces. In addition, you can purchase remote warming devices that connect to a relay, allowing an alarm to go off in locations well away from the tank being monitored.


All of our overfill alarms & bund alarms as well as our own fuel tank alarm range are manufactured & developed in the UK. These alarms can be used in AdBlue® tanks with one of our range of stainless steel floats, making them suitable for almost any application.