ISOIL Automation Solutions
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ISOIL Terminal Automation Solutions (TAS)

  • Develop automation tools for products handled in oil depots and refineries.
  • Study and offer solutions to solve specific automation needs.
  • Provide software implementation, installation and service.


Our solutions are based on standardized hardware and software components, simplifying system maintenance and granting long lasting solutions.


Moreover, high modularity of both hardware and software enables accomplishing Customer’s current needs but at the same time it allows for future modifications if needed.


A specific software is dedicated to tank trucks both for top and bottom loading automation.


Such a system is based on VEGA electronic counters and on HELIOS badge reader, the latest being optional.


The software shows colored graphics synoptic diagrams and information about current loading data and alarms, thus allowing faster intervention on the plant if needed. Loading operations can therefore be performed according to the safety procedures.


All the data concerning loading are stored and they are available both for statistics and printing and for connection to host computer in order to manage documents and invoices. The software is suitable for operations with small to big amounts of fuels thanks to:


  • PIN management, truck loading data management, operator functions
  • Graphic Synoptic Diagrams
  • Helios badge reader
  • Truck access management
  • Host computer interface
  • Tank level supervision
  • Pump management


Almost any kind of customization can be made upon request, according to the specific needs of the application.