ISOIL BM 3" 4" & 6"Bulk Meter
Metering equipment
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ISOIL PD meter series BM sizes 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” offers high accuracy and repeatability of over a large range of flow rate. This accuracy remains constant during long periods of use. Visual indication of the measured flow rate is also possible when associated with mechanical register or electronic flow computer directly mounted on the meter or remote by means of a pulses emitter.

Filtering and air elimination in order to assure precise measurement and preserve the meter from damage, the fluid under measurement should be properly filtered and air or gas must be eliminated. Strainer air separators (e.g., ISOIL mod. SFA, SFDA, FDA, DSH, DSV) or strainers (Y strainers) together with air separators (ISOIL mod. DV) are therefore required.


  • Tank trucks,
  • Tank wagons and barges loading/unloading
  • Aircraft refueling » transfer lines
  • Calibration of other meters and/or tanks (Master Meter)