ISOIL BMV Meter Group
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ISOIL PD meter series BMV sizes 3”, 4” and 6” offers high accuracy and repeatability of over a large range of flow rate. This accuracy remains constant during long periods of use. Visual indication of the flow rate measured can be obtained when associated with mechanical register or electronic flow computer directly mounted on the meter or remote by means of a pulses emitter.



BMV is composed by PD meter series BM and a strainer air separator (with removal strainer basket).



The configuration PD meter assembled to the strainer air separator has been specially designed to be installed into tank truck and tank wagon loading rail in the deposits. Indeed, for the top and bottom loading, the loading arms develop from top to bottom and then always required a vertical pipe that rise until the entrance flange of the loading arm. The special manifold of the BMV meters has been studied to be directly inserted into the vertical pipe section that links to the loading arm.



While rotating, the vanes are driven by the internal surface of the single body. This means that the self – lubricating vanes are always in contact with the internal surface of measuring chamber, therefore product leakage is avoided and though high accuracy is granted. The calibration mechanism allows micrometric adjustment. It is not necessary to change gears. When an electronic counter is remote, the meter mounts a pulses emitter or encoder. The strainer and the air separator are placed in the same cylindrical body; the basket strainer can be inspected by removing the air vent valve cap.