ISOIL FLEXIMIX Additive Injetion Blocks
Metering equipment, Pumping equipment, Electronic Devices
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The FlexiMix injection system extends the solutions offered by ISOIL IMPIANTI in the field of additive management. The use of additives is dramatically rising in the distribution of fuels, driven by a number of factors and needs, as:


  • Dyeing and marking for fiscal reasons.
  • Enhancing engine performances by modifying chemical and physical properties (anti-static, anti-foaming, anti-icing additives, anti-detonating, odorizing).


Since more needs can coexist, a combination of additives has to be injected according to different recipes. This is a constantly evolving scenario, especially due to the growing importance of bio-fuels. In order to allow maximum operational flexibility, it is necessary to reduce storage requirements and, when possible, to avoid product-dedicated delivery points. The solution is therefore to mix fuel and additives at the load rack, as close as possible to the delivery point. For the above-mentioned reasons ISOIL focused on designing a device with the following features:


  • Able to interface with ISOIL’s as well as with 3rd party equipment.
  • Modular in order to locate the units where necessary, thus reducing piping and wirings.
  • Flexible in order to face different needs of customers.
  • Easy installation in existing gantries thanks to small dimensions and modular design.
  • Easy and safe configuration both locally and by remote communication.