ISOIL VEGA T Flow Computer
Electronic Devices
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VEGA T is designed primarily for road tank trucks, aviation dispensers and refueller applications. Light weight, slim design and a large LCD display are the key features that make this electronic counter suitable for installation on all vehicles. The VEGA T is provided with a user-friendly software granting flexibility and easiness of use. The backlighted display allows easy reading of information both day and night while the membrane keyboard includes a set of alphanumeric and function buttons to perform all the operations. One or two PD or turbine meters can be connected to the VEGA T using pulse emitters. Other meter types can also be used as long as a suitable pulse feed is provided.


  • Single or dual meter control for simultaneous operation.
  • Temperature compensation with any ASTM table.
  • Up to 8 products per meter.
  • Preset control.
  • Calibration curve correction.
  • Display of delivered net and gross volume, mass, flow rate and temperature during operation.
  • Clear view of information and prompts.
  • Range of flow rate and temperature control.
  • Self-diagnostics for internal parts and external devices.
  • Non-volatile memory for setups and more than 250 transactions.
  • Remote START/STOP control.
  • Level switch, interlocks control.
  • Two stage/ multistep or on/off preset valve control.
  • Override after preset capability.
  • Hoses and compartment valve selection.
  • Five communication ports for printers or devices for remote control of the system (Proprietary or ModBus protocol).
  • Configurable print-out of tickets.
  • Intrinsically safe digital and analog inputs.
  • Highly accurate 4 wires Pt100 thermo probe inputs.
  • Driver identification via pin code.
  • Stand alone or on-board computer-controlled operations.
  • Configurable emergency functions.
  • switch-on/off button on side of housing (optional).