PIUSI Air Operated Grease Pump
Pumping equipment
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The PIUSI P60:1 Booster air-operated grease pump is designed to withstand heavy workloads and working conditions. PIUSI 60:1 Booster is an air-operated pump suitable for dispensing grease and thick oil at high pressure, and can support both short and long distances thanks to the high compression ratio.



PIUSI 60:1 Booster air-operated grease transfer pumps have been manufactured using the most suitable materials to guarantee high performance and durability. Available in different lengths, the air-operated grease pumps are characterized by a sturdy, soundproofing protective structure and are equipped with a pneumatic exchanger and three-stage air discharge system that, together with an absence of colliding mechanical parts subject to wear, guarantee low operating noise (just 77 dB) and a long life.



The choice of the correct air-operated pump for grease transfer must be identified first in the type of fluid to be handled. Grease is a particularly viscous type of fluid with a very thick appearance at the dispensing point.


The transfer and the dispensing of the fluid takes place regularly, thanks to the double effect pumping system. The double pneumatic cylinder motor is compact and sturdy and stands out thanks to its ease of use and construction.


The real double effect ensures better performance and lower air consumption.

  • Ratio 60:1
  • Max. operating pressure 460 bar
  • Noise level: 77 DB