PIUSI K33/44 Meters
Metering equipment
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The PIUSI K33 and K44 are mechanical flow meters suitable for the monitoring of diesel. PIUSI K33 as a mechanical flow meter has a partial indicator with 3 digits (max. 999 liters), total 6 digits, while PIUSI K44 has a partial indicator with 4 digits (max. 9999 liters), with a total of 7 digits.


The K33 and K44 mechanical diesel flow meters have been designed for precise measurement of the quantity of fuels dispensed for non-commercial use. Easy to calibrate and install, the K33 and K44 flow meters can monitor the quantity dispensed for a maximum flow rate of 20-120 l/min and with a maximum working pressure of the pump of 10 bar. In addition, they can guarantee a burst pressure of 30 bar with a metering accuracy of +/- 1%.