PROTECH Bearing Tester
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Maynard's M-2021T Bearing Tester is a handy, quick, preventive maintenance bearing monitoring instrument for on-the-spot checking and evaluation of the condition of all the ball and roller bearings. A regular check / monitoring on bearing condition to evaluate, foresee and reveal developing faults at a very early stage to avoid any kind of unforeseen production loss or plant breakdown.

For bearing monitoring, bearing tester will provide you with the right information instantaneously anywhere and anytime. The information which allows effective action plan to improve plant efficiency, optimize production and reduce downtime. Microprocessor based Maynard's M-2021T Bearing Tester works on echo (shock) pulse method. Bearing Tester gives a direct evaluation of the bearing operating condition while it is still running in a simple and easy to evaluate color coded zone conditions. Green zone for GOOD operation condition, yellow zone for REDUCED operating condition and red zone for BAD operating condition of the bearing at a quick glance apart from numeric values.