Vastu Consultation
Vastu Remedies
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Building Science is called ‘Vastu’. Our Vastu expertise can detect scientifically all Vastu defects and find solutions to them initially by measuring the energy of the human body by using scientific instruments at 3 levels (Cosmic, Global and Telluric Energies) and on the plan of any building. Telluric Energy refers to Geopathic stresses cropping up from the earth below which leads to persistent illnesses like Cancer, Headache, Fatigue, loss of vitality, irritability, bedwetting, etc., Further investigations are done with the situation that arises.

We deal with Interior & Exterior energy balancing and remedial methods developed by us. In addition, we are able to select you the very harmonious property when buying, find whether the house you live in is in harmony with you or making you sick, find solutions for defects and evaluate your Vastu.